GetSimpleCMS WP import

GetSimple WP import is a utility that converts a Wordpress export XML file for posts (not pages) to GetSimple pages. It makes use of FileSaver.js, JSzip and the JS FileReader and DOMParser API's. As such, it can not be guaranteed to work with browsers older than IE 10. Also, custom WP shortcodes & tags are not supported so any information saved in them will not be transferred (like MashShare plugin etc.)

By Kevin Van Lierde

1Upload your file

2Customize output & convert

Set options, then hit 'Convert' at the bottom of this section.


NOTE Stripping out tags will only remove the tags themselves, not their content.

NOTE This feature might accidentally erase tags without enclosed content like iframe, video


View as:

Don't like what you see? Tweak the options and reconvert.


Download the ZIP via the button below, and extract the contents to your GS install's data/pages/ folder.