Kevin Van Lierde is a web/dev/UX person, coffee addict (a.o.) and casual philosopher. Supports open-source, boasts general curiosity, and enjoys listening to slightly alternative music (for whatever it's worth).

Part of the webdevelopment community since 2013, he started out as pro bono webdesigner, and has been professionally employed since 2015 for various roles as a UX/front-end IT consultant in Belgium. At Unipartners he has worked on projects for BNP Paribas Fortis, Colruyt Group, and Ixor. Today, he enjoys tackling new challenges for Blue Frontend.


Kevin has worked with multiple technical stacks and flavors, mainly focusing on front-end (HTML, CSS, Javascript), UX, and PHP. Amongst others, he got his hands dirty with React.js, Vue.js, mithril.js, and knockout.js application frameworks.


Kevin is always seeking out open-source projects that combine simplicity with good user/ developer experience, with respect for web standards. Over time he has contributed to the following open-source projects by means of raising issues, answering questions, contributing code, or making donations: GetSimpleCMS, mithril.js, Knockout.js, noUiSlider, VLC Media Player and metalsmith.


Kevin values progressive enhancement over graceful degradation. He is not a fan of CSS-in-JS approaches and emotional attachment to technologies or stacks.